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2024 Press

March 22, 2024
A moment with the Greenwich Ephemera Festival"
"The Ephemera Society of America (ESA) held its forty-fourth annual fair at the Greenwich Hyatt from March 15 to March 17. The three-day event gathered collectors in the hotel’s ballroom to buy, sell, and trade ephemera, a broad class of items which can include antiques and collectibles, but largely consists of things that were not intended to last."

Westfair Business Journal
March 16, 2024
A Day at the Largest Travel Ephemera Show in the USA
"The yearly fair by the Ephemera Society of America in Old Greenwich, CT is one of my favorite events to visit to find unique, rare,  and unusual posters, cards, publications and other paper goods to add to my collection. Recognized the the country’s largest ephemera show (with 50 dealers presenting their large collections), this year’s event took place in Hyatt Regency hotel in Old Greenwich, CT — some 45 minutes from Manhattan."

March 16, 2024
Broadway Ephemera: Brando singing, Bernhardt thanked; Irving Berlin and Tallulah Bankhead, Herman and Merman
"Ephemera 44 is the fair and annual conference organized on behalf of The Ephemera Society of America, which was founded in 1980 as a “fellowship of collectors, scholars, researchers, archivists, and dealers” of ephemera –  defined as items not initially expected to be retained or preserved, but which are now cherished."

New York Theater News
March 14, 2024
St. Patrick's Day parades and the circus: 25+ things to do in Connecticut this weekend, March 15-17
"The Ephemera Society of America's Ephemera Fair will bring around 10,000 items, such as baseball cards, business cards and luggage tags to the Hyatt Regency Old Greenwich on Saturday, March 16 through Sunday, March 17."

Connecticut Insider 
March 13, 2024
Ephemera Society of America to Hold 44th Annual Ephemera Fair in Old Greenwich This Weekend
"ESA President David Lilburne told CT Examiner that many sellers and educational institutions travel every year to the fair to buy and sell memorabilia. But Lilburne said his hope is that the event will continue to bring in people beyond the collecting community."

Connecticut Examiner 
March 9, 2024
A Panorama of Design

"Love’s bonds can be delicate yet feel constraining and require hard work to maintain. How better to express all that than by slicing paper into handmade greeting cards, with whorls that can be pulled up to form gossamer cages for images of lovebirds, bouquets, engagement rings, or even rodents? The cards, known to fans as cobwebs or beehives, became popular in the 1800s. Some will be for sale March 16-17 at the Ephemera Society of America’s annual fair at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Old Greenwich."
The New York Times
March 8, 2024
ESA Ephemera Fair & Conference Returns For Its 44th Edition
"The ESA Ephemera Fair — officially sanctioned by the Ephemera Society of America ESA) and produced and man-
aged by Sanford L. Smith + Associates — is set to return to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Saturday and Sunday, March 16-17, for its 44th Edition."

Antiques and the Arts Weekly 

Header photo courtesy of: Locus Solus Rare Books

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