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Ephemera 44

March 15-17, 2024

Friday - Sunday

Conference: Friday 15

Fair: Saturday 16 & Sunday 17

60+ Exhibitors specializing in Ephemera (vintage posters, postcards, letters, photographs, tickets, brochures, advertisements, and so much more).

Hyatt Regency Greenwich, Old Greenwich, CT

Member's Preview: Saturday, March 16, 9-10am

Reg Hours: Sat 10am - 5pm; Sun 11am - 4pm


The Ephemera Society of America's (ESA) Ephemera 44 is a captivating and immersive conference and fair that celebrates the beauty and historical significance of ephemera.


Ephemera, referring to paper items that were never intended to be preserved, yet have miraculously endured, provides a unique glimpse into the past. This event is a treasure trove for collectors, historians, artists, and anyone fascinated by the stories told through these forgotten fragments of history. By bridging the past and present, the fair offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the world of ephemera and discover the captivating narratives hidden within these fleeting artifacts. It's a celebration of history, art, and the human passion for collecting and cherishing the ephemeral moments of our past.

Tickets on Sale January 2024

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